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Stimulus Scams to Watch Out For

stimulus scams

The stimulus checks are coming to you soon. And it happens automatically so there is NO NEED to apply for anything! But scammers want you to believe that you have to do something to get your stimulus check. DON’T FALL FOR IT! There are several ways scammers try to get your financial account info and […] Read more…

Best Grocery Delivery Services When You Need to Stay Home

best grocery delivery service

What do you do when you need to stay at home but need groceries? You use a grocery delivery service! Some people may see this as being lazy but during the shutdown, it’s an absolute necessity! No one really wants to go out, especially if you’re pregnant, disabled, have a compromised immune system, or have […] Read more…

New Rules for Costco Shopping During the Pandemic

costco rules

During this 2020 pandemic, Costco has had to change their rules to adjust to this changing situation. One thing that hasn’t changed is that people are still stockpiling at Costco. The lines at our local Costco are still as long as ever! And yes, it’s a little more difficult to get certain things as now […] Read more…

How Much Stimulus Money Will I Get?

2020 stimulus check

Finally, the 2020 stimulus check is coming! Congress passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill and we’re all wondering “How much stimulus money will I get?” Yes, the news has been grim lately but the stimulus money coming is very GOOD news! This is also the largest stimulus package in US history! Who qualifies? Individual tax […] Read more…

Free Online Classes for Kids During the Shutdown

kids painting class

Stuck at home and don’t want your kids watching mindless videos all day? Check out these free online classes for kids that will keep them learning and learning new skills! Your kids can learn a variety of subjects, from the comfort of home. And you can observe the class too! Free Classes for a Limited […] Read more…

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