Whether you want to honor your mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt, friend, friend’s mom, or honorary mom, I have so many gift ideas for you! Moms, grandmothers, and mother figures are SO special and important. Let’s help them feel seen and acknowledged.

All these gift ideas are for moms, by a mom – me!

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.

1. Rotating Jewelry Organizer

Mom will LOVE this beautiful jewelry organizer that holds everything! I love how you can see everything all at once and find things easily.

360° Rotating Jewelry Storage Case
$69.99 $59.49
Buy Now
05/23/2024 03:57 am GMT

2. Fairy Garden Kit

Fairy gardens aren’t just for kids. This beautiful fairy garden kit comes with a gorgeous main house, bridge, benches, and more. Beautify any garden. Makes a great gift!

3. Laptop Desk and Breakfast in Bed Table

I use this laptop desk all the time, including right now, as I am typing this. I love it because it has vents for cooling your laptop but it’s also great for breakfast in bed or watching shows on my iPad. This lap desk is beautiful, stylish and even has an indented cup holder. It folds away for easy storage

4. Taiyaki Waffle maker

Make delicious Japanese Taiyaki at home with this Taiyaki waffle maker!

5. Shiatsu Massager

This shiatsu massager is great for self care when you can’t get a professional massage. Melt those sore spots on your back with this easy-to-use electric massager. Makes a great gift!

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with Heat
$84.95 $57.95 ($57.95 / Count)
Buy Now
05/23/2024 03:19 am GMT

6. Face Yoga Book

Face Yoga is the art of working out your face muscles to decrease wrinkles.

Diminish wrinkles naturally through the Face Yoga method. Fumiko is the first Face Yoga teacher I have seen and the book make sit easy to follow along.

7. Trigger Point Therapy Book

Love this workbook! I’ve had it for more than 10 years and still refer to it often. Use this to figure out how to loosen muscle knots (aka trigger points). Most often the area to massage to loosen a knot is not on the knot itself. This book will show you where those secret points are. It is mapped out so that you look up the body part where the pain is, then you go through each suggested muscle area/points to work on. Try them all to see which points work best.

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook
$26.95 $21.74
Buy Now
05/23/2024 01:59 am GMT

8. Electric Milk Frother

Help her make cafe quality frothed milk at home with this milk frother.

Electric Milk Frother
$49.99 $39.99
Buy Now
05/23/2024 03:47 am GMT

9. Desktop Fan

This fan might look kinda crazy, but it’s powerful. What I love about it is the size – it’s small and you can place it easily on a desk or tight space. It’s whisper quiet and can move up and down, side to side, and both directions at once. The remote is convenient too.

Quiet Desktop Fan
$68.00 $52.99
Buy Now
05/22/2024 03:13 am GMT

10. Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

This Hello Kitty sewing machine is SO adorable and functional at the same time! It’s perfect for that seamstress who loves Hello Kitty!

11. Mini Chocolate Fountain

This chocolate fountain is the perfect size for small parties and those new to chocolate fountains. Enjoy luscious, flowing chocolate in the comfort of your home. Here’s my chocolate fountain set up guide and recipe.

3 Tier Electric Chocolate Fountain
$39.99 $37.99
Buy Now
05/23/2024 07:37 pm GMT

12. One Cup Hello Kitty Coffeemaker

This Hello Kitty coffee maker makes 1 cup so it’s great for having at work or at your desk.

13. Hello Kitty Toaster

This Hello Kitty toaster is not just any toaster. It imprints an image of Hello Kitty on your toast so it will make you smile every morning.

Hello Kitty Two-Slice Toaster
$49.99 $39.99
Buy Now
05/23/2024 09:17 pm GMT

14. Hello Kitty Sushi Plate

This Hello Kitty sushi plate is super cute and such a unique gift for that Hello Kitty fan. It comes with a sauce dish and chopticks to match.

Hello Kitty Ceramic Sushi Set
Buy Now
05/23/2024 08:30 pm GMT

15. Shaved Ice Machine

She can make refreshing shaved ice at home with this machine.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine
$59.95 $49.99
Buy Now
05/23/2024 08:30 pm GMT

16. Clear Organizer Bins

Women love to organize. This set will help her better organize your fridge or pantry. The 2 sizes gives options and they’re stackable.

Set Of 8 Refrigerator Organizer Bins
$29.99 ($3.75 / Count)
Buy Now
05/23/2024 08:00 pm GMT

17. Smokeless Grill and Hot Pot

Give her the ultimate gift, with this hot pot and smokeless grill all in one! Perfect for that person who has everything. I bet they don’t have this!

2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hot Pot
$109.99 $89.99
Buy Now
05/23/2024 08:00 pm GMT

18. Bento Box Lunch Box

This cute bento box will help her make lunch convenient and stylish. This modern bento lunch box is microwaveable and leak-resistant.

19. Dustbuster

This mini vacuum cleaner helps make cleaning easy with this cordless dustbuster.

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster
Buy Now
05/23/2024 07:58 pm GMT

20. Zen Garden

When mama is stressed, this zen garden will help her stay present. Raking the sand and arranging the garden will help her take her mind off of things.

Zen Garden Kit
Buy Now
05/23/2024 07:37 pm GMT

21. Mini Vending Machine

This fun vending machine is a cute gift for moms who love sweet treats.

Mini Candy Vending Machine for Desktop
$22.99 $21.80
Buy Now
05/23/2024 07:37 pm GMT

22. Mini Jukebox Speaker

This mini jukebox is a bluetooth speaker and radio. It’s the perfect gift for mamas who miss the 80’s.

23. Vintage Typewriter Pencil Holder

Love this retro typewriter pencil holder. It’s the perfect, unique gift for that special someone, longing for the good old days.

24. Record Player with Speakers

For the mama who misses the era of records and record players. This record player is beautiful yet a great statement piece. Play records in style.

Vinyl Record Player with Built-in Speakers
$79.99 $62.99
Buy Now
05/23/2024 04:58 pm GMT

25. Jewelry Cleaner

Does mom have a ton of jewelry but nothing to clean them in? Solution: jewelry cleaner! It can also be used to clean dental gear.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
Buy Now
05/23/2024 04:43 pm GMT

26. Portable Fan

When mom is experiencing hot flashes or just wants a cool breeze, she can use this handheld mini fan. It can be stored in her purse and taken on the go.

Handheld Mini Fan
$24.99 $14.39
Buy Now
I earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/23/2024 03:47 am GMT

27. Swarovski Round Necklace

This beautiful, elegant necklace is perfect for Mom! It can be dressed up or dressed down.

Swarovski Attract Necklace
$55.03 $41.00
Buy Now
05/23/2024 04:27 am GMT

28. Swarovski Trilogy Necklace

And if a single crystal isn’t enough, check out this trilogy of crystals! I love the longer piece as it’s great for dressed up outfits.

Swarovski Attract Trilogy Necklace
$119.00 $71.85
Buy Now
05/23/2024 04:27 am GMT

29. Swarovski Angelic Necklace

And if you have a larger budget, check out this beautiful, dazzling necklace. It will be sure to catch her eye.

Swarovski Angelic Necklace
$280.00 $169.98
Buy Now
05/23/2024 05:23 am GMT

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