5 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

It’s no secret that I love Amazon.com. You can get almost anything including diapers, electronics, beauty products, gourmet food, and of course, books, shipped to your door within 2 days via Amazon Prime.

Lucky for me, I get huge discounts on my purchases using Amazon gift cards and points. It’s a lot like couponing. If you can strategize to get things for free or deeply discounted, why not spend some time to learn about it. That helps a lot with staying on budget.

Believe it or not, anyone can do this. Here are several ways to earn free gift cards and points to get free stuff on Amazon.com.

1. Cash in your coins at Coinstar

If you’ve used Coinstar to cash in your collection of coins, you know that if you choose to get an Amazon gift card instead of cash, you can bypass the coin counting fees.

This is an easy way anyone can earn an Amazon gift card, without even trying. You’ll be surprised at how much those quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies add up! Ok, so it’s not really free because it’s your money in coins. But if you didn’t cash them in, they’d be sitting there unused and unspent.

ways to get amazon gift card

2. Open an Amazon Visa Card

I wrote about the cool rewards that are available with the Amazon Visa Card. Basically, once you’ve earned any points, you can use it right away or load it as a gift card amount on your Amazon.com account to use later. Earn as little as 100 points (which equals $1.00) to start redeeming. There’s no minimum of 5,000 points to earn rewards like other cards.

3. Become an Amazon Affiliate

This is a slightly more challenging way to earn an Amazon gift card because it requires a blog or website. But Amazon has the best affiliate program around!

Here’s how it works. If you are not familiar with this, affiliate programs are referral programs where you earn a portion of each sale you refer to the merchant.

With Amazon Associates, you earn 3% – 6% on purchases through your links to products fulfilled by Amazon.com. However, products sold by third parties featured on Amazon.com have a lower referral rate.

Amazon gives you the option to earn Amazon gift cards on earnings as low as $10. If you don’t choose this option, you’ll have to earn $100 before you get paid!

4. Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a loyalty program where you participate in certain activities to earn points towards rewards, like an Amazon gift card. There are 5 ways to earn points – search the web using the Swagbucks browser, play games, buy daily deals, watch videos, and answer polls and surveys. Join Swagbucks now.

5. Enter a Giveaway

There are always contests to enter to win an Amazon gift card. Also, “like” Facebook fan pages of other personal finance, couponing, and deal blogs to stay in the loop on current contests.