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Start Your Own Grocery Price Book

grocery price book

If you’ve been studying grocery sales, you will start to notice that not all sales are really a good deal. And sometimes buying an item in a bulk pack is not necessarily cheaper. It gets confusing at first since every store has a different sale and you don’t know which one has the best deal. […] Read more…

How Being Frugal Makes You More Happy

How being frugal makes you more happy

I came across this phrase while I was reading another blog, The Frugalwoods. Frugality breeds gratitude. And I paused and thought about how that is so true! In my 20’s, my husband (my then boyfriend) and I were more carefree with money. We weren’t struggling with money and didn’t have financial goals. So we went […] Read more…

How NOT to Get into Financial Trouble in College – 7 Money Traps to Avoid

budget worksheet

For college students, it’s the first time you’re going to be away from the umbrella of your parents. It’s the first time, you’ll be offered a T-shirt or some other cheap “gift” to open your first credit card. It’s the first time you join a fraternity or sorority to build lifelong friendships. But do you […] Read more…

5 Life Lessons I Learned from UFC Champion Ronda Rousey


I’m a huge UFC fan. And I LOVE the current champion female fighter, Ronda Rousey! If you watch her fights, you know that she is disciplined and super focused when she fights. During her last fight over the weekend, she knocked out her opponent in 34 seconds! And the last 2 fights before that, she won in about […] Read more…

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