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10 Smart Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

cut grocery bill in half

The cost of living continues to rise as the number of jobs decline. Many of us are facing a new reality – we have to live on less in order to survive. Food is one area where the cost can get out of hand and get us into trouble. It’s not a recurring bill that […] Read more…

Giveaway for Disney Princess and Superhero Posters

GiveAway (1)

My talented friend, Loni, recently opened an Etsy shop, Two Fish Project. Coincidentally, she is also the professional graphic designer who designed my fabulous book cover for Eating Organic on a Budget! See below for details on the giveaway. Two Fish features minimalist style posters and original artwork depicting popular Disney princesses like Elsa, Anna, Belle, Ariel, Mulan […] Read more…

5 Best Travel Tips and Tricks

credit card travel rewards

If you travel a lot and would love to earn rewards towards future flights, it makes sense to get a credit card with great travel rewards and perks. Why not earn rewards for something you are already doing anyway? Free or discounted airline tickets are very appealing in this economy. 1. Credit Card with Travel […] Read more…

Free Online Business Courses

free business courses

Last week, I watched a free, live online business course about building a better blog. I was literally glued to my computer for a few days to watch this invaluable course because it was giving me inspiration. Plus, if you watch it live, it’s absolutely free! This is the second course I’ve watched on CreativeLive and each time, […] Read more…

When is the Right Time to Start Thinking About Insurance?

when to get insurance

Insurance is an extremely important outgoing, which could cover the contents in your home, your car in the event of a crash or your life when someone is dependent on your contributing income. However, when is the right time to start thinking about buying insurance to cover your possessions? Each type of insurance cover may […] Read more…

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