Love boba and want to learn how to make some easy boba recipes at home? Make these refreshing drinks in 5 minutes! It’s easy than you think with these simple shortcuts.

Got a boba addiction? Is it costing too much to keep up with buying boba drinks at your favorite boba shop? It’s time to learn how to make milk tea boba drinks at home and it’s not that hard.

What is boba or bubble milk tea?

Boba and bubble milk tea are essentially the same thing, tapioca pearl milk tea drinks. We just call it different terms, depending on where we live. In the San Francisco Bay Area, we call it “boba”.

It doesn’t really matter what we call it as we all know it as our favorite, go-to drink that’s cold, refreshing, and it’s a drink and dessert in one. But if you want to dive deeper, check out this article on Honest Food Talks.

With or Without Boba

Some of love boba and some of us just like the milk teas without boba. I have the recipes to make both.

Make Healthier Boba

Can boba be healthy? Well, it can be made healthier. Not only can you control what ingredients go in it, you can make it healthier, when you use whole ingredients, instead of the yucky, artificial powdered stuff.

5 Minute Easy Boba Recipes

What if I told you can you make boba and milk tea all in 5 minutes? The following recipes show you how. The secret is to use tea concentrates and tea powders. That way, you won’t have to take the time to steep tea.

Making Boba from Scratch vs. Instant Boba

instant boba inside a pouch

Completely from scratch (Hard)

Making boba from scratch takes a lot of time and dedication, to make boba from tapioca starch and shape them, then boil them. It will take a few hours to do this and may be difficult to get the texture right.

You must add sugar or sweetener to sweeten. But you can control the sweetness.

Cooking Raw Boba (Medium)

You can also buy dry boba and boil it but that process takes 45 minutes! The texture is great and a lot of boba shops use this method. You must add sugar or sweetener to sweeten. But you can control the sweetness.

Instant Boba (Easy)

Instant boba is the next best thing for making boba drinks at home, when you want to make it fast and with minimal effort. There are a lot more choices for instant boba, from frozen instant boba to shelf stable packs.

Some instant bobas contain artificial ingredients. If you’re trying to avoid artificial stuff, then check out the frozen instant boba by Trader Joe’s. It has minimal artificial ingredients compared to the ones found in the Asian grocery stores.

The texture of instant boba is pretty good but it’s presweetened, which means that you can’t control how sweet it is.

Thai Tea Boba

Thai iced tea in a glass cup

Make popular Thai iced tea with boba, a super easy recipe in just 5 minutes!

Raspberry Matcha Latte

3 layered raspberry matcha latte in a glass cup

Learn how to make this super interesting and impressive, Raspberry Matcha Latte! Make it with or without boba. It’s easier to pour these cool layers without boba though.

Hojicha Milk Tea Boba

hojicha milk tea in a glass with 3 layers of mixtures

Love hojicha, roasted green tea? Make this refreshing hojica milk tea boba in just 5 minutes!

boba bubble milk tea recipe

Love classic milk tea? Learn how to make this popular drink just like a boba shop!

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