If you travel a lot and would love to earn rewards towards future flights, it makes sense to get a credit card with great travel rewards and perks.

Why not earn rewards for something you are already doing anyway?

Free or discounted airline tickets are very appealing in this economy.

1. Credit Card with Travel Rewards

Southwest is a popular airline for its great, low prices and efficiency in operating their business.

They fly to popular U.S. cities and destinations in North America including Mexico City and soon to Nassau, Bahamas!

To find the best card for you, first figure out how much you spend in an average month on your credit card. Of course, pay off your card every month.

Some cards will give you bonus points upon sign up, if you spend over a certain amount in the first few months. Use this to your advantage if you will be making a big purchase, such as furniture, appliance, or expenses for throwing a special event like a wedding or party.

Look at the annual fee as well to see if the rewards you’ll earn will be over and beyond the fee. Do you dine out often? Some cards offer 2x the points for dining out at restaurants and travel.

2. Packing Tips

Everyone knows about baggage restrictions on flights. The lighter you pack and the fewer bags you carry, the less you have to worry about baggage fees.

Here are some great tips on how to pack light.

It’s best to bring a carry-on bag and not bring any other luggage to check in. Not only will you save time by not having to wait for your check in luggage to appear at the baggage carousel but you’ll know that no one has looked into or rearranged your items as they do for checked in bags.

On each flight, you’re allowed a carry on bag and a personal item, like a purse. Take full advantage of this allowance by utilizing a large tote bag that you can store more things in rather than a small purse.

credit card travel rewards
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3. Blackout Dates

Check out whether your rewards card has black out dates. Some cards have no black out dates.

4. Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are another way to earn cash back or reward points for activities you are already doing anyway. There are loyalty programs for car rentals and hotels.

5. VIP Lounges

Some credit cards offer perks that include access to VIP lounges at the airport. These lounges provide a much needed respite from the chaos of the airport.

A bevy of food, unlimited coffee, tea, and drinks, a place to leave your luggage, comfortable chairs to relax in, and computer terminals help make traveling less stressful.

Another way to access the VIP lounge is to buy a one day pass or an annual membership through Priority Pass, the world’s largest independent airport lounge access program.

Through the program, you can access airport lounges in over 100 countries. If you’re a road warrior, you will appreciate this perk.

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