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Meal Planning

Meal Planning Made Easy is Here!


I’m super excited to announce that Meal Planning Made Easy is now available! Yay! It has been more than 2 years in the making. And I’m proud to have something (that has gotten a lot of input from readers like you) that will help you with meal planning! What is Meal Planning Made Easy? It’s […] Read more…

How to Get Organized for Meal Planning


Are you struggling to get into meal planning because you don’t feel organized? Part of what makes it easier to fall into a new routine is having a set way of doing things… one where you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time! And when you’re organized and know what to do, then it […] Read more…

Grocery Price List – How to Find the Lowest Price

How do you find the lowest price for your groceries? Use a grocery price book. Find out how.

Find out how to use a grocery price list to figure out what’s the best deal. If you’ve been studying grocery sales, you will start to notice that not all sales are really a good deal. And sometimes buying an item in a bulk pack is not necessarily cheaper. It gets confusing at first since […] Read more…

7 Easy Meals with a Rotisserie Chicken

Wondering what to do with that rotisserie chicken? Here are 7 meal ideas to feed your family.

So you picked up a store bought rotisserie chicken, now what? Here are 7 easy meal ideas to feed your family. Here are meals that I’ve made with a whole or left over rotisserie chicken. And by easy, I mean there aren’t a lot of ingredients so you’ll be able to picture what’s in it. […] Read more…

20 Meal Planning Ideas for Beginners

Struggling with meal planning? Try these 20 tips to get started.

If you’re a beginner, struggling with meal planning, here are 20 meal planning ideas. Do you feel it’s hard to start meal planning because you feel like you have to learn meal prep and how to make freezer meals? You’re in the right place! Meal planning doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. […] Read more…