I was checking out water play tables for my daughter on Amazon.

As usual, I research several products, their reviews, and prices before I settle on one.

To keep track of the products I liked, I placed them in my Amazon Wishlist so that I could refer to them later.

However, the next day when I checked the item on my Wishlist, the price had dropped over $8!

I was pleasantly surprised that the price went down so much in a day! Thankfully, I waited to buy it.

Usually, I buy things on Amazon without considering the frequent price fluctuations. So I decided to research further and found this site called CamelCamelCamel.com.

What it does:

– Shows you the lowest and highest price of an item in the past few years.
This will help you figure out if you’re getting the best deal or if you should wait. If the price was lower in the past few months, the price could drop again soon. Check the average price to do a comparison.

– Sends you an alert when the price drops to your desired amount.

– Gives you a unique URL to track the item.

When I checked CamelCamelCamel.com, I saw that the price for the water table was the lowest in recent months. I ended up purchasing this Little Tikes Pirate Water Table that day when the price was $59 (and $8 cheaper).

The very next day the price went back up to $69. Now it’s listing for $79.99! That’s $20 more than I paid for.

So it pays to do a little research and my daughter loves this water table!

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