While I don’t subscribe to Sunday newspapers anymore, I still use printable coupons.

Since Sprouts opened this year near me, I’ve been going there for grocery deals.

I haven’t used a lot of coupons lately but decided to on my last visit.

Also, I had my daughter with me which makes shopping a challenge. And I went around 3pm, when the lot was full. But I got a parking space after someone just left. Awesome!

All those things didn’t deter me as I was getting some good deals on produce and using only 2 coupons – one for dairy-free ice cream and laundry detergent. The deals were so good, like getting these items at half off.

Anyway, at checkout I presented my 2 coupons to the cashier. Even though my daughter was with me and telling me she was hungry during checkout, I made sure to watch the register to make sure the coupons were scanned.

All was well and I loaded the groceries and my daughter in the car and left my prime parking spot. However, as I was driving in my car 5 minutes later and was stopped at a stoplight, I happened to glance at my receipt.

I noticed 2 weird transactions, the amounts were the same as my coupons. I had a $1 off coupon for dairy-free ice cream and a $2 off coupon for laundry detergent.

worst couponing fail

These items on the receipt weren’t specific like the others. It just said $1 dairy item and a $2 laundry item. I knew I didn’t buy a $1 dairy item or a $2 laundry item and my coupons didn’t show up on the receipt.

But I remembered that the cashier had scanned the coupons.

Then I realized that she scanned the coupons as items.

WTH??? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

I didn’t even know that was possible! I was so LIVID! Steam was coming out of my ears.

I had just driven there during a busy time and didn’t want to drive back with my hungry daughter and melting ice cream. Ugh! And find parking… again!

I thought it was just $3. Forget about it.

Then I realized it was really $6 that I had lost – $3 overcharged and $3 I would have saved.

I lost money because I used coupons. Really?

So I dropped my daughter off at grandmas and rushed back. It was only a 5 minute drive.

And when I went back and to the same register, it was a different cashier but I didn’t realize it at the time. I was so upset that I yelled at her by mistake. My memory gets hazy when I’m angry.

Seriously, I wasn’t going to leave until they gave me a refund.

The manager came out and we walked over to the right cashier as she was working a different register. I guess she switched in the short time that I was gone.

The cashier apologized and I got my $6 back. All was right again in the universe.

I will still shop at Sprouts.

And to cool off, I treated myself to window shopping at the brand new Bed, Bath, and Beyond nearby. And it worked.

OMG, I just can’t believe that this can happen, that a cashier can scan your coupons as items instead of discounts. So instead of saving money, you end up losing money!

Now I tell myself this:

Look at your damn receipt after checkout.

I usually do but sometimes my daughter wants something and I get distracted.

Lesson learned.

Do you have a major couponing fail?

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8 Comments on My Worst Couponing Fail

  1. When I use my coupons and double them I watch vigilantly to make sure they are taken off not put back on, I use a store that doubles the coupons and last week they charged me $9.00 for a package of unsalted butter, I stopped the cashier and said no way would I purchase $9.00 butter he made a big mistake and took it off twice, I had to go to the customer service to make sure it was correct, now I won’t go thru his line ever again, I usually just get the 4 double items and two other items then put them in our car and do the rest of my shopping so no trouble, sometimes trying to save some money at the grocery stores is a big big hassle but I persevere I get the loss leaders at a store and use coupons and then I shop at the store with my 4 doubles and get in and out early and no other transactions at all..it works for me and my family, but I don’t buy stuff just to get it for free or nearly free, sometimes the items taste crummy and we throw it out, a big waste of my time and efforts!

    • Mary,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s crazy! At least you figured out how to have a smooth transaction. Half the time, I’ve found that cashiers make mistakes. One time, I was charged for a $5 item that wasn’t even there! So weird!

  2. I did not realize this. I don’t use coupons too often, but I’ll be looking double triple close when I do!

    • Me too! I look whether or not I use coupons. Sometimes, they overcharge or charge for an item that’s not even there.

  3. I use cash only, you are lucky this did not happen to you, I got my haircut for $7.99 last day to boot, the mgr did my hair..Imagine my embarrassment when I did not put my envelope with the money to get my haircut, I had to Visa it but I did have about $15.00 worth of quarters I keep in the bottom of my purse I tipped her but I was embarrassed because I left the money on the kitchen table, I rarely get my haircut about 2 to 3 times a year after I get it cut very close to my head..I had to take a shower to cool down and noticed the lady who did my hair did not do a good job on my bangs, I cut them and made it look great…That is why I rarely go to the haircutting places, I noticed people driving merceded benz cars brand new getting their hair cut for the $7.99 and they did not tip at all..Who says rich people are generous are full of you know what! Also if I don’t have the exact coupon for the food I need I skip it and we just eat veggies and whole grain breads I freeze and apples I keep always in our produce/fruit drawer and we don’t eat out at all, we are better cooks and most fast food tastes like you know what not good at all..My hubs worked in retail grocery his whole life I know a good bargain and couponing and squeeze our budget til it screams who cares, paid off our mtg in almost 18 years versus 30 I don’t care what others throw their money away on we don’t do that in our home and we are grateful happy human beings!

    • Hi Mary!

      I get my haircut only once or twice a year too. I also cut my own bangs as I don’t have time to go back to the salon regularly for bang trimmings. I do spend more on my cut though as I the $10 places always cut my hair crooked or too short.

      Glad you are smart about your money and thank you for sharing about how you save money.

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