If you shop online a lot, you know that it can save time, money, and gas. And you can compare multiple stores and prices easier than going in person.

With so many stores featuring the same deals online as in the store, it’s worth shopping online. Here are 5 ways you can save money while shopping online.

1. Use Rakuten Cash Back.

Rakuten is a cash back site, app, and Chrome plugin. Once installed on your Chrome browser, when you shop at your favorite retailer, it will let you know the percentage cash back you can get for your purchase. It also helps you find coupon codes for the retailer as well!

For more insider info, read my ultimate guide on How to Use Rakuten to Earn Cash Back and watch my YouTube video:

2. Subscribe to your favorite retailer’s emails.

Retailers often announce new sales and products via email. You can even get exclusive subscriber only coupons. Even with the popularity of social media, emails are still the #1 way to stay up to date.

3. Compare several sites.

Before I buy something, I always research at least 3 different sites. This is especially true when that item is available on multiple sites like Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart, etc. It helps me figure out which place has the best deal.

4. Use coupon codes.

There are a ton of coupon codes floating around and you should always use one, if available. Again, Rakuten can help you find coupon codes automatically, for popular retailers.

5. Figure out if free shipping is worth it.

Free shipping can be tricky sometimes. Weigh out whether or not it’s worth it to buy extra items to make your order eligible for free shipping. If you can get free shipping on $50 or more but you only want to buy $20 worth of stuff, would you mind paying the shipping fee vs. adding $30 more into your cart?

Sometimes the shipping fee is $5 or less. If that’s the case, sometimes I don’t add more items to my cart. After all, online shopping is about saving money not spending $30 more to save $5.

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