If you still haven’t started Christmas shopping, it’s not too late! This past weekend, we went Christmas shopping. We are not fond of going to the mall. The fights over the limited parking spaces and the crowds are not fun.

We decided to go to Costco. They have extended hours so we went 2 hours before closing. The parking lot was almost full and there were crowds. Somehow it seems easier to deal with than the mall. Maybe all of the free food samples and the lure of low cost gifts make Costco a more friendly place to shop.

Every time I have gone Christmas shopping here, I have always found the perfect gift for everyone on my list and at great prices. This was no exception. I found great gifts for 5 people within an hour! Amazing! And if you’re hungry when you’re shopping, the $1.50 hot dog and drink won’t kill your wallet either.


Every Christmas season, Costco has these wonderful $20 – $25 gift baskets for practically anyone. Here are some gift baskets that we bought for Christmas 2009:

– Coffee and Kahlua set: 1 bag of SF Bay coffee, 1 bottle of Kahlua, 1 large glass French press, 1 box of butterfly cookies (The French press alone is $20 elsewhere.)
– Max Brennar fondue set: white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, 2 tubes of marshmallows, 1 tube of candied apples, 2 fondue burning sets, and a storage tin

The gift baskets are carefully put together for a maximum wow factor. They look more expensive than they actually are. In fact, if you bought each of these items separately, they would cost a lot more.

I also like the assortment of gift baskets and ideas. There’s something for the coffee lover, chocolate lover, wine lover, etc. It’s not hard to find something that will please anyone on your gift list.

And if you bought these items separately to make your own gift basket, you’d probably spend more money and time to put it together. Plus, you’d probably have to drive to different stores to get a basket then the items that go into it.

These Costco gift baskets usually come with a large basket or container of some sort, then items that go together in a theme. And they also include some stuffing to fill the basket.

Then it’s all beautifully wrapped in clear plastic wrap, ready to give as is. Or you can drop it into a gift bag or wrap it. Easy!

I love the fact that many people don’t think of Costco to get gifts so my gift baskets seem like unique gifts. Plus, they have a great selection of toys for under $25 at a good discount.

Every year, Costco comes up with a new selection of gift baskets. But remember to shop early for them as they seem to run out when it gets closer to the holidays.

Hope this helps you have a less stressful holiday season!

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