TLC’s popular show, Extreme Couponing is back tonight. More people will be showing us how to save money and get things for free.

Whether you love or hate the show, Extreme Couponing has spurred on a couponing craze and a debate. Check out the comments on my past post about Extreme Couponing Fraud. People are very passionate about how they feel about extreme couponing.

When I go to the store too late on Sunday, sale items are cleared off the shelves, the supply of Sunday papers are dangerously low.

When the show is on, I can’t help but watch, even if it’s a rerun. I learn new things every time I watch and I’m motivated to do better.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be at their level but I have started my own stockpile of dishwashing detergent, baby formula, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. I don’t think I need 100 of each of these items but enough to get me by until the next sale.

My husband does want to stockpile on basic necessities in case of an emergency. So that’s my challenge now to save and stock up on canned foods, water, rice, and beans.

Will you be watching Extreme Couponing? Does it inspire or annoy you? Share your thoughts below.

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3 Comments on Extreme Couponing Preview

  1. I kind of look at it as someone found a loophole in the system and they are exploiting it. Stores don’t really make much of an overhead on a lot of their products, and this is kind of ripping them off. My local store doesn’t double coupons, but they have good deals and I’ve often saved $90 or so. With gas as high as it is, the other consideration is not only your time, and a lot of these extreme couponers spend hours each week on this, and the hidden “coupon services” they often subscribe to, and the ink from printing out hundreds of coupons, but the gas money involved of travelling from one store to another. Also, a lot (not all) of the things offered by coupons are basically meals in a box or junk food, not the healthy food.

  2. I’ve only recently started couponing and part of it was from the show. I work f/t and am a p/t student so I don’t have a lot of time to put into it. That said, I have managed to save about $400 in the past month and a half. I am building a stock pile of ‘things food stamps don’t cover’…..because who knows in today’s world. As a family we agree if we feel we have too much of something we’ll donate it and help someone else out.

  3. I used to coupon many years ago, but it didn’t help much, so I quit. I started back after watching the show and went to a ‘couponing class’ with some friends at work. We each get our Sunday papers and mail inserts and exchange coupons each week. I know now to match my coupons with my local stores sales ads. I mostly shop CVS and Meijer. ( both are nearby and/or on the way home from work.) I’ve also learned to get rainchecks (when I can, and can remember to use them). I’ve been stocking up mostly on non-food items. I share w/ my daughters and their families. I also get extra on some food items, when I can, and donate a box once a month to my local food pantry. I try to never ‘clear’ a shelf. But w/ Meijers and Krogers 10/$10 sale, there is usually plenty for me. I often do my major shopping on Sat, at the end of the sale, so as not to take from others.

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