People who have gone through a severe financial crisis will definitely have a mission to curb their flamboyant lifestyle this year.

But curtailing your expenses does not mean you will detach yourself from the world.

You can stay within your means while planning a party frugally to entertain your guests. If you are more organized in your approach then you can easily entertain your guests while managing your expenses.

1. Pre-conceive a plan

If you pre-conceive a plan then it will be easier for you to organize a party while keeping your expenditure within your budget. Your initial task will be to prepare the guest list as well as plan the menu according to the number of guests you are planning to invite.

Planning in advance can help you to save a few squids. You can avert draining your hard earned cash if you shop for the party from a wholesale dealer.

2. Plan for low budget food

There are recipes that do not require expensive ingredients. In case you are not aware of it then search the Internet for recipes to prepare some cost effective food.

Recipes sites can help you to prepare sumptuous food without pinching your pocket. Ask your friends to share some excellent cooking tips or request them to join you to create some extraordinary delicacies at low budget.

3. Bring innovations in your home decoration

Decoration sets the mood of the party, therefore, it is considered to be an important factor while planning a party. You can save a large amount if you take out some extra time to prepare for the decoration.

There are endless options in hand but you have to choose something that is affordable for your pocket. You can come out with innovative ideas for home decoration like making flowers out of a pine cone. You need a pair of wire cutter to cut the layers of the pine cone in shape of a flower.

You need glue to stick the pine cones on a foam ball. Then color these flowers with red paint to give a vibrant look and then accessories the flower ball with glitters.

You can also sprinkle some essential oils like cedar wood, rose or cinnamon on the pine cone flowers. This is one of the interesting ways that you can employ to decorate your house.

4. Keep the beverage simple

A party is incomplete without serving the right drink. Once the dinner is laid you should immediately stop serving the drinks. According to the preference of the guests try to keep coffee along with tea.

You can also try out some home made drinks as that will save a few extra bucks. You can keep two different varieties of cocktails like Margarita and Daiquiri. As it requires one spirit so it is considered to be a pocket friendly drink.

You can avail budget friendly liquor punching it with some fresh seasonal fruits at a reasonable rate. Blend the ingredients well and use a flavor for the drink according to your taste.

5. Utilize your modern electrical appliances

Try to buy essential things for the party and stuff it into your freezer. The departmental stores often give offers and coupons, utilize these discounts.

Sometimes few magazines and newspapers distribute shopping coupons of a particular store, collect them and use them to reap more discounts.

6. Make use of the left over ingredients for the party

You can easily use the left over ingredients for the basic food preparation for the party. Chicken and veggie scraps can be used to prepare the soup stock. Soup can be a special starter either for a chilly lunch or midnight meal.

Use the left over meat for the salad dressing. Slice the meat into pieces and toss it with a few drops of olive oil in the cooking pan. Use the remaining beef or chicken cubes as topping or mix it in the sauce for preparing a delicious pizza or spaghetti sauce for the party.

Divide the responsibilities concerning the party amongst your friends and relatives. The task can include anything from sharing the party expenses or the fun of cooking. Keep all these tips in mind and you will be sure to enjoy the party without burning a hole in your pocket!

This article has been written by Angela Sanders. 


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