Some of you knew that I was pregnant, when I announced it earlier this year.

Being pregnant while taking care of a 5 year old was more challenging.

At one point during my 2nd trimester, I wasn’t even able to walk. Something happened and whenever I got up from bed, I had an extreme amount of pain to the point of tears.

I could barely drive my daughter to school. Thankfully, I saw my chiro, who was able to adjust me. After two treatments, I was back to normal.

It was rough towards the third trimester and I had to take a break from blogging to rest.

This is me and my 5 year old daughter below, who was very excited to meet her baby brother.


Soon after July 4th, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who quickly gained weight. Here he is about a week old, above.


He is now 4 months old and almost 20 lbs! Oh boy! And he has kept us busy ever since. Above is our first family photo.

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