After Halloween, it’s officially the holidays. Well, at least to marketers.

Haven’t you noticed that Costco and CVS start displaying Halloween decorations or Christmas trees in August?

According to a Gallup poll, Americans spent an average of $786 last year on Christmas. During the holidays, people are in the mood to spend extra money on gifts, food, and holiday related services.

Because people are more apt to open their wallets, that’s the time to fulfill a need by offering the right service.

First figure out who your target market is. Will you be selling to consumers or businesses?

Brainstorm and research what your ideal customer needs and create a product. Don’t just guess. Ask your ideal customer.

Lastly, the most important step is to market your business to your ideal customer. What’s the best way to reach them? By phone, social media, snail mail, etsy, holiday craft fair, mall, or in person?

Whatever it is you have to get in their minds that you are the person they need for that particular service. And marketing takes time. That means start marketing now.

Here’s a great article on the 7 P’s of Marketing.

Also, consider how you will take payments? Will it be cash, check, or credit card? Nowadays, people want the option to pay by credit card, especially for larger purchases.

If you take payments in person and need to provide a paper receipt, Shopify has a way to turn your iPad into a cash register. They offer a 16” cash drawer, retail card reader for swiping credit cards, wireless receipt printer, and an iPad stand.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start earning some money. Cha-ching!

10 Christmas Business Ideas

save this christmas

1. Christmas Crafts

People are more apt to buy handmade crafts this time of year. Think of what one-of-a-kind gifts you can make that people want to buy. Then figure out where to sell them. Will it be Etsy, a crafts fair, or somewhere else?

2. Baked Goods

The holidays are all about eating. What delicious baked goods can you make? How can you sell them in batches to earn the most amount of money?

3. Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping may seem easy to do. But a lot of people are too busy, stressed, and exhausted to deal with it. So make their life easier by offering this much needed service.

The key is where to offer your service? Can you partner with a toy store or a shop at the mall? Or will the mall let you set up a booth? You’ve got to be where the gifts are being bought in order to be successful.

4. Personal Shopper

Shopping can be a job? Yes, if you’re good at finding the right gifts for others, this may be for you. Help your client buy gifts for their Christmas list.

Think about who would need this service and afford it. Hint: People who are busy and have high paying jobs.

5. Photography

Family photo holiday cards have become quite popular the past few years. Professional photos look better, of course.

How can you sell your photography service? Can you do one or two freebies for friends and post the photos on Facebook? How can you offer your services at company holiday parties?

6. Catering

Many businesses have company holiday parties. The key is to get onto their list of vendors before they start planning.

How can you market yourself so that they think of you first? Can you offer a free sample of your food? Can you cater a small breakfast for free or a discounted rate as a preview of what you can do?

7. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a big business, especially for corporate gifts. How can you reach the person who orders gift baskets for their company? Can you offer a discount for them to try your service?

8. Holiday Decorating

Are you skilled at holiday decorations? Who would need this service? Think businesses, hotels, restaurants, holiday parties, etc.

9. Pet Sitting

Are you good with pets and can people trust you? The holidays are a time that people fly back home. They need someone to take care of their pet when they’re away.

10. Babysitting

This is the busiest time of year. Parents need help watching their kids so they can get their long list of errands done. Start with offering this service to friends and people who know and trust you.

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