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Want to build a Christmas village but you’re on a budget? Check out the Dollar Tree Christmas Village, called Cobblestone Corners. It’s a great way to decorate for Christmas and get into the holiday mood.

mini christmas houses with snow

For years, I’ve been wanting to better decorate for Christmas, but I didn’t know how. Regular decorations were kinda boring to me… that is until I discovered Christmas villages.

It has been a Christmas tradition to visit other people’s Christmas villages on display in our town. But I never thought of building my own, due to the high cost.

mini christmas houses with snow

Then I discovered that Dollar Tree carried Christmas village houses and they’re adding more each year!

Each house is just $1.25, lights up, and is really cute and adorable! It makes is super affordable for anyone to start their own Christmas village…. especially you! Yes, I’m talking to you!

There is a a new set for 2023 and you can purchase the whole set online, instead of hunting them down in stores.

mini christmas houses with snow

Beginner Christmas Village Tips

  1. Buy several of each house, especially the mansions. You want it to look like a real village and having lots of houses, even if they are repeats will make your village look more full. Also, a real village has more than one house, right?
  2. Buy it when you see it in store. Whenever you come across the Christmas village at Dollar Tree, stock up because next time you go, it might not be there again.
  3. Purchase the set online if you can’t find in store, but buy at least 2 or 3 sets. This follows my tip on how to make this look like a fuller set by having more houses even if they are repeats.
  4. Stock up on AAA batteries. 2023’s Dollar Tree Cobblestone Corners set only accepts AAA batteries. They do shine bright though.
  5. Make your own risers for your Christmas village display. In the video, I show you how I make my own risers, using things you already have at home. Risers make it easier to see all the houses without some getting lost in the back. and create a nicer display.

Watch My Video for More Tips

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