With spring officially in the air, it’s a time when many couples are outside enjoying the weather together…

A time where you can hang out, relax, talk, and catch up on busy lives.

Regular dates are important to schedule in, especially if you have children.

Spending time together, not money is what really matters.

With this in mind, here are 5 frugal and fun date ideas that won’t break the bank.

1. Neighborhood Walk and Picnic

Just get out and take a walk together. Bring a picnic and have a destination in mind. For instance, find a park where you can “break bread” together. Cheap, quiet, and often quite romantic.

2. Free Music Concerts

Look for free music festivals in your area like “The Mosquito Serenade” or “Music in the Park”. They often feature local bands and singers and usually provide great entertainment. Always a fun night out and totally affordable. Check your local newspaper for similar music festivals in your area.

3. Bring The Movie Theater Home

Buy a box of movie-theater style popcorn, rent a DVD, and have a movie date night at home. Avoid the expensive movie tickets, expensive food, sticky floors, and of course, the dirty bathrooms.

4. Historic Sites & Museums

You’d be amazed by how many local historic sites and museums are in your area. Often these make for great date ideas as they allow you to spend time together and get a better grasp of your local history.

5. Live Performances at Your Local College or Junior College

Most junior colleges and small colleges have a fantastic drama program with several inexpensive plays and music performances throughout the school year. These plays and performances always make for a fun and frugal night out. Check the website of colleges in your area for specific details.

What frugal date idea would you add to this list? I look forward to your suggestions.

About The Author: Kyle James owns and manages a website called Rather-Be-Shopping.com which lists and organizes online coupons for over 800 stores.

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