I’ve been inspired with goal setting from MoneySavingMom. In fact, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my book if it weren’t for goal setting.

I’m learning that my goals have to be specific and have a time frame in order to be completed. Of course, I don’t always reach all of my goals 100% of the time because I set too many goals at once or were unrealistic with them.

For the rest of this year, my long term goal is to bring my daughter to the park, have play groups and play dates, and get her out more as we didn’t get to do much this summer because I was writing my book. This is my last year with her at home so I want to enjoy it.

This week, I’m setting 5 bite size goals. I don’t think I can do more than that!


1. Write and submit a guest post.

2. Turn ebooks into paperbacks. (This might be more than a week’s project as I have to get a back cover designed).



3. Review car insurance renewal to get more discounts.


4. Take my daughter to the park at least twice this week.

5. Plan a play date or play group for my daughter.

From reviewing this list, I need to plan more things just for me!

What are your goals?


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