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My baby is due soon and I’m saving all I can. I never felt financially ready for a baby, but if I waited until I was, it would probably never happen!

Starting a family is priceless. And to be able to even become pregnant is a gift, as it doesn’t happen for everyone.

Here are some of the average set up costs for having a baby, and this doesn’t even include clothes, diapers, baby wipes, or formula.

Infant car seat – $100
Extra car seat base – $50
Stroller frame – $50
Bassinet – $100
Crib – $230
Crib Mattress – $100
Crib Bedding – $100
Diaper Bag – $65
Baby carrier – $60
Bouncer – $40
Baby Monitor – $50
Breast Pump – $250
Milk Storage Bags and Supplies – $73
Diaper Pail – $25
Changing table – $120
Nursing Pillow – $30
Bathtub – $20
Bottles – $60
Bottle Brush – $8
Bibs – $12
Baby Washcloths – $10
Pacifiers – $8

Total Cost – $1561 (not including sales tax)

Here are 5 tips for saving money for a baby:

1. Look for used baby items. Rather than buy new, we were able to get second-hand baby items from our generous friends who already had kids. Babies only use certain things for a little while, then outgrow them. So why buy new? Our friends gave us a crib, bassinet, lots and lots of clothes, changing table, playpen, baby carrier, etc. We feel very thankful for our friends’ generosity, as it saved us from buying all this stuff. You can also find used baby items on Freecycle. There are some things, however, that should be bought new due to safety concerns, such as car seats and breast pumps.

2. Create a registry and be strategic. My friends who already had kids, helped me create a baby registry with things I would really need. The advice from moms who know what works and what doesn’t was invaluable as there are so many baby products on the market. For example, we added a car seat onto the registry, that came with a base for my car and a 2nd car seat base for my husband’s car. You don’t really need more than 1 car seat. Then, instead of getting a full stroller, we added a stroller frame which you can snap a car seat into. Genius! So the baby just stays in the car seat. I wouldn’t have known about these items without the help of my friends!


3. Have a baby shower. My wonderful friends and family threw me a memorable baby shower. To help me get started with a supply of diapers, they set up a raffle, where guests who brought a pack of diapers were entered into a drawing for prizes. This was very successful in helping me get several packs of diapers in different sizes. And I received all of the big ticket items from my registry such as the breast pump, baby monitor, car seat, etc. Thanks to my generous friends and family! I feel really blessed and thankful. I wouldn’t have been able to purchase these items for the baby on my own.


4. Breastfeed. Formula can cost hundreds of dollars a month! Breastfeeding is a natural and nutritious way of feeding your baby. Of course, there will be challenges to breastfeeding. But it’s worth it in the long run if you can stick with it.


5. See if your family can help with childcare. Childcare can cost $300 – $1200/mo. You can save a lot if your family can help with childcare, even if it’s a few days a week. If your parents are retired or you have relatives who can help, that would be ideal. And having family care for your child helps your child create a stronger bond with family members. Of course, staying at home with the baby is even more ideal, depending on your situation.

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3 Comments on 5 Tips for Saving Money for a Baby

    • Thanks, Charles. We just have the crib bedding and mobile. That’s a picture from We don’t have the crib set up. Using a bassinet for now.

  1. Fanny-thanks for posting this list and the average prices, but I think you’ve included quite a few irks that really aren’t necessary. For example, why buy a changing table when a pad you can set up literally anywhere is so much less expensive? And you can save on the car seat and stroller by purchasing a convertible car seat, which is comparably priced and also will fit your child until he or she is 80 pounds! Um, awesome! Another great convertible that im obsessed with is convertible cribs that go from crib, to toddler bed, to day be, and eventually can even be turned into the frame for a full size bed for when your kid gets bigger! Hope this helps 🙂

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