Do you want to make a Christmas Village on a budget? Check out what you can find at Dollar Tree to create a fun Christmas Village that lights up!

In this post and video (below), I’m going to show you how I put together this Christmas Village using things from Dollar Tree. I’m going to show you the individual items, then I’m going to put it together and I’m going to show you how it looks like when it’s all lit up.

And I’m also going to share how to get this Christmas Village set if you can’t find it at your local Dollar Tree.

I went to Dollar Tree over three days and I found different things each time. This Christmas Village set is called Cobblestone Corners. It has figurines, trees, houses, and different buildings.

Watch the Video on YouTube:

Cobblestone Sweets and Treats

Cobblestone Corners Sweets and Treats, gingerbread style house

This is the Cobblestone Sweets and Treats. It’s decorated like a gingerbread house and has an ice cream cone on top. I think this is an ice cream store with other treats.

Cobblestone Church

Cobblestone Corners Church

This church is beautifully decorate with traditional stained glass windows but is missing one thing…. a cross!

Cobblestone Fire Station

Cobblestone Corners Fire Station

This is a classic fire station, with red bricks, two stories, and a wide garage. It also includes a bell on top.

Cobblestone House

Cobblestone Corners Southern Mansion Style House with 2 levels

Next, we have the only house available in the set which looks like a southern mansion. It has a balcony and lots of windows.

Cobblestone Cafe

Cobblestone Corners Cafe

This is the Cobblestone Cafe. It’s my favorite one of the set because I like looking at a cafe all day, thinking about coffee or tea and sweet drinks.

Cobblestone Candy Store

Cobblestone Corners Candy Store with truck and trailer in front

Next, we have the Cobblestone Candy Store. It’s whimsically decorated, with a soft yellow and turquoise. Here, I added the brown picket fences that is part of the 2022 Cobblestone Corners collection. In front is a red truck and green trailer that was available from the 2021 Cobblestone Corners collection.

Cobblestone Corners Figurines

7 packages of figurines in the Cobblestone Corners Collection
  • 2 Mischievous Elves and a White Bridge
  • Father and Son with a Wagon of Firewood (I found this at my Dollar Tree store but it isn’t included in the 2022 Cobblestone Corners collection online.)
  • Baker with a loaf of bread, Woman holding presents, and signs for North Pole
  • Red Truck and Green Trailer (I found this at my Dollar Tree store but it isn’t included in the 2022 Cobblestone Corners collection online.)
  • Red Santa mailbox, snowman, Santa
  • Christmas tree, woman holding baby, and a boy throwing a snowball,
  • Wooden bench and 2 lamp posts with wreaths hanging on each one

Faux Snow

I found faux snow at Dollar Tree but it’s not part of the Cobblestone Corners collection so you will have to buy this separately, if buying online. it’s kind of glittery and a little bit messy but it completes a look!

Where to Buy:

Dollar Tree Website

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