Maintaining your home is a lot of work and responsibility, especially if you don’t have the privilege of hiring professional cleaners. With a Printable House Cleaning Checklist, you’ll remember what to clean and when.

For that reason, I’m all about shortcuts and things to help you get things done easier and with less thinking and figuring out.

Even more, a clean home means more peace, joy, and pride in where you live and spend so much of your time!

How do I fit cleaning the house when I’m busy?

There are seasons of life when we can barely get things done, like when you have a newborn or your kids are in their busy sports season.

  1. Decide on what’s the most important areas to keep clean and let go of the things that don’t matter as much. Maybe the kitchen and bathrooms are important to keep clean but dusting the top of the fridge isn’t.
  2. Get the family involved. Cleaning shouldn’t fall on just 1 person! The whole family should be a part of it.

How do I get my family involved?

Whether your child is a toddler, preteen, or teen, there’s a chore that they can do! I started my son at 2 years old to clean up after he spilled food. We would pick it up together and wipe the floor. Now that he’s 7, he is so accustomed to it from a young age, that he is ready and willing to help sweep and vacuum.

Consequently, I missed that opportunity when my daughter was young… but she still helps with dishes and laundry, which helps me a lot!

Therefore, it’s important to help your children learn how to clean and take responsibility in the home so that when they grow up, they can take care of their own home.

Have a family meeting to talk about responsibilities and expectations. Kids are already used to this at school as many teachers train their students to take responsibility for classroom chores. Soooo, why can’t they do this at home too???

What is a good cleaning schedule?

It’s the one that works for you! Again, figure out what works for you and when you realistically have time to clean. Focus on the must do’s.

Should I use a cleaning planner?

If you think you need it… If you’re overwhelmed with everything, it helps to use a premade cleaning planner so you can get ideas and reminders of what to clean. It takes the guess work out of cleaning.

This Cleaning Planner makes it easy to list out all the chores that need to be done and decide on WHO will do them! No more nagging your kids over and over when they know what is expected.

This Printable Cleaning Planner will:

  1. Help your children learn how to clean and take responsibility in the home.
  2. Divide the household cleaning chores among family members.
  3. Know who is doing what and when.

50 pages
Print and put into a binder or use it on your iPad, with an Apple pencil and GoodNotes.

Pages Included:

  • Cover
  • Index
  • Master Cleaning Lists
  • Daily Tasks
  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule
  • Monthly Cleaning Schedule
  • Daily Cleaning Schedule
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • 30 Days Declutter Challenge
  • Weekly Cleaning
  • Housekeeping Checklist
  • Kitchen Deep Clean
  • Living Room Deep Clean
  • Bathroom Deep Clean
  • Office Deep Clean
  • Laundry Room Deep Clean
  • Dining Room Deep Clean
  • Bedroom Deep Clean
  • Outside/Entire Home Deep Clean
  • Speed Cleaning
  • Cleaning Supply Inventory
  • Home Maintenance
  • Family Chore Chart
  • Spring Cleaning List

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