The top question I get asked is “How do I save on groceries?

Do I have to learn how to coupon or stockpile? But I don’t eat a lot of processed foods.”

Well, I don’t either!

I don’t think couponing is the answer for everyone.

If you’re on a special diet and have food and chemical allergies, then couponing may not work for you. So stop feeling guilty about not knowing how to coupon!

I grew up in a frugal family. My parents never couponed and yet didn’t spend a lot on groceries.

They cooked every day with fresh ingredients. And we only ate out during special occasions.


We lived close to the grocery store so my dad would make frequent trips. And that kept the bill low because he only bought what we needed and nothing more.

So what did I learn from my dad about saving money on groceries?

#1 Tip That Will Save You Money on Groceries Without Couponing

The one tip that helped me stick to my grocery budget is to buy only what you need to get through the week. Buy what you need and that’s it!

This sounds simple but it’s hard to put into action, especially when you see a 10 for $10 deal. Open the store flyer and walk into the grocery store with sale signs everywhere.

Sometimes it gets confusing and overwhelming.

That’s why I find it easier to shop at Trader Joe’s, where the price is always the same. Every item has an exact price so there’s no guessing about how much a bag of apples will cost.

And I love the predictability. It’s easier to plan how much I will spend and stay on target.

We’ve been so conditioned to stock up and stock up. But what happens is that we don’t eat up the food before it spoils. That makes stocking up a waste of money.

Notes; I also want to add that there is trial and error to this. I live within 5 minutes of several grocery stores so I can always go back if I need something.

If you live far away from grocery stores, then by all means, you’re going have to stock up so you don’t have to drive all the way back!

How are you saving money when you’re always throwing food away? That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

So sit down and think about it. Are you wasting a lot of food? Is your pantry full of food you don’t eat or do you have lots of products you don’t use?



4 Comments on The #1 Tip That Will Save You Money on Groceries without Couponing

  1. I buy a lot from a produce place but only what we can eat in one full week, the veggies and fruits are available daily in our near 100 degree heat here in Washington state, broke all July weather records, Seattle people (Largest city in Washington are lamenting only 11 days of 90 plus days) The nerve we have had nearly a month of scorching hot near 100 temps and no relief in sight..We have gone to the shore many times and taken our fur kitteh cats to get some relief I cry when we have to return, we were forced to buy 2 a/c and install them, it works great except for the higher electric we will be forced to pay for but really I have a west exposure kitchen and it got to be about 107 one afternoon and that was it, we bolted to get the last 2 a/c at a discount reputable place, I save for these emergencies all the time so we were okay with it, but in nearly 37 years of living in our tinyhome it is hotter than a pepper plant so all bets are off on anything, we go to the beach and $1.00 movies and the rest of the time the a/c is humming along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Mary Jane!

      Wow, 100+ degrees is crazy hot! I used to live in an area that got 90s and 100s temperature. When it was 90 something, the AC felt like it was barely keeping our place cold. Buying an AC is a wise purchase. You definitely need it! Hopefully, the tempuratures will cool down soon for you.

  2. Thank you! I do the same thing, except I go to the store a couple times a week. I still have a small stockpile, mostly of non-perishables that won’t spoil easily. I live within walking distance to two big grocery stores and can take advantage of the sales at each. I buy what I need for a few days and that is mostly it….I plan meals 1 or 2 days in advance. I do freeze leftovers or use them for lunches or for when I am working late. Like you said, this can’t work for everyone depending on how far you live from a grocery store, but it is a mindset change that you don’t need to do huge grocery hauls to save money.

    • Hi PoppyBean!

      Sounds like you have a great plan that works for you. I never thought of planning meals 1 or 2 days in advance. Great tip! Probably makes it not as overwhelming. And living near grocery stores is such a great convenience.

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