In today’s economic situation, everyone wants to save money and it’s even more true during the holidays.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to save money and still enjoy the holiday season.

10 Secrets for Saving Money

1. Shop clearance sales. Look for special sales and clearance items, especially for the smaller items and gift wrap. You can spend a lot or a little on gift wrap, bows and tissue paper, but the end result will still be a crumpled ball on the floor.

2. Price match. Price-match as much as you can. Many major retailers will give you their competitor’s price if you bring them the ad because they’d rather you spend a few dollars less at their store, instead of that same amount of money at another one.

3. Take advantage of layaway. You might not technically be saving money on the items, but you’ll save time and money in getting everything in one trip, with interest free payments to pay it off.

4. Look for deals at the grocery stores. Lots of stores have turkeys at a very low cost if you spend a certain amount. If you need to buy food anyway, might as well buy it there and get a cheap turkey!

5. Get a fake tree. Unless it’s just not the holiday season without a real tree, get a fake one. It could easily last for ten years and you’ll never have to water it or pick the dead pine leaves off the floor.

6. Buy your holiday cards at a discount store instead of an expensive card shop. They might be just as nice for a fraction of the cost.

7. Have a potluck. If you host the holiday dinner at your house, make it a potluck. You can supply the turkey that you got at such a good price, someone brings the pies, another brings side dishes, etc. It’s not only cheaper, it’s easier and a lot more fair to you.

8. Do a group gift exchange. If you’re tired of spending hours looking for something to give your mother-in-law who needs nothing and will probably return it anyway, maybe this could be the year you suggest the old name-in-a-hat trick. Everyone will save money on holiday gifts, no-one will have to return anything and you’ll have the best gift to give each other, time.

9. Shop at smaller stores. Instead of hitting the mall, look for smaller, privately owned stores. The stock will be more unique and the prices will probably be lower.

10. Stock up during after Christmas sales. Finally, the best trick for saving money during the next holiday season is to start shopping right after this one. Yes, when things are 50% or more off, buy them and save for next year.

It can seem impossible to save money during the holidays, but if you take some time, you will be able to get everything on your list. The keys are organization and patience. Impulse buys are likely to cost  more and not meet your expectations, so set a budget and stick to it.

About the Author: Tim Osayande loves shopping and saving money, especially during the holiday season. He also enjoys researching healthcare jobs and writing career guides for industry sites. 

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