Last week, I only managed to fulfill one goal, which was to take my daughter trick or treating.

It might sound like a given for any parent but last year we failed. We took her trick or treating around our neighborhood and only one person opened their door to hand out candy!

This year, we found a great neighborhood to trick or treat at and joined some friends too. And my daughter got to wear her Belle costume all day including to my dentist appointment.

I always forget that November is a busy birthday month filled with parties and events. Last week, we went to 4 parties and made 3 trips into the city. Every weekend this month, we have a birthday party or special event to attend!

I don’t like being that busy because being out of the house so much means that dishes and laundry pile up, our place is a mess, and my online tasks go undone. But it’s important for me to be there to celebrate with friends and family.

So I guess this time of year is a period where I shouldn’t try to accomplish too much and be disappointed. =( I have pared them down to 3 goals instead.

As long as I’m moving forward, even at a slower pace, I will get somewhere. All of these goals that I have crossed off my list have gotten a result.

One example is sleep training my daughter. It has resulted in her being able to fall asleep by herself now, which means that I have an extra 30 mins to an hour of free time in my day. This is HUGE for me! Potty training is another story… I’m still working on that.


Last Week’s Goals

1. Find new source of income.

2. Start a Squidoo lens.

3. Plan out meals this week.

4. Continue potty training.

5. Take my daughter trick or treating.

This Week’s Goals

1. Finish proofing the paperback copy of my book.

2. Continue potty training.

3. Find new source of income.

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