Yesterday, my husband took our daughter out and gave me 8 hours of alone time to get things done.

8 hours seems like a long time but I wish I had accomplished more.

I managed to do some laundry, clean the living room shelf, and make 2 YouTube videos.

Making the videos turned out to take a lot longer than I had anticipated. I had to do several takes because there was something wrong with each take. My glasses had too much glare, the background wasn’t right, I messed up, or there was a glitch in the camera.

I always run into some issue when producing a video. That’s why I don’t do it professionally anymore.=( But thank goodness you don’t have to edit videos for YouTube.

I also shot it with a Flip camera with a mirror and couldn’t clearly see the shot until after it was filmed.

Check out the first of 2 videos here.

Last Week’s Goals

1.Find new source of income.

2. Rework our budget.

3. Set a plan for marketing my ebooks.

4. Continue potty training.

5. Organize living room shelf.

This Week’s Goals

1.Find new source of income.

2. Start a Squidoo lens.

3. Plan out meals this week.

4. Continue potty training.

5. Take my daughter trick or treating.

What are your goals this week? What do you want to accomplish?


2 Comments on 5 Goals This Week 10/28

  1. My big goal this week is to get some serious draft work on our first ebook about financial anxiety. We also need to do some shopping around for a new dryer (and hopefully try my first stab at negotiating a lower price) and maybe get some of our Christmas shopping done.

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