Week to week, I’m finding my priorities changing.

The pressing need now is to find a new source of income.

I know I’m not alone in my search to find earn extra income while juggling taking care of a young child.

But the reality is, we can’t depend on the government. They can’t even pass the budget and it affects more people than we know.

While I’m writing this, the major commuter train system that connects most of the San Francisco Bay Area, called BART, can’t even come to an agreement on their contract after 150 days. They can strike at any time leaving commuters in a bind, forcing people to drive and clog our highways.

Last Week’s Goals



1. Write and submit a guest post. (I have to stop procrastinating on this!)

2. Switch email provider.

3. Finish mini-ebook.


4. Sleep train my daughter.

5. Rework our budget.

This Week’s Goals


1.Find new source of income.

2. Finish mini-ebook.

3. Set up new email form for blog.

4. Write and submit a guest post.

5. Rework our budget.


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