I have become big fan of shopping online ever since becoming a mom.

In fact, I don’t remember the last time I set foot in a mall.

Getting out of the house with a small child is a feat on its own.

And once we’re in a store, it’s a challenge to keep my daughter entertained as she sometimes won’t even sit in the cart!

With having to chase her around the store, trying to find all the items on my list, and dealing with meltdowns, it’s no wonder I’d rather not deal with it at all!

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I do indeed save more money by not stepping into the store, if I don’t have to. I stay more focused when I’m online as I’m not as distracted by my daughter or other cute things in the store.

1. Get the lowest price

It’s easier to compare prices at several stores when you search online rather than driving to them. If you shop online regularly, you probably check a several different sites before finding the best deal.

2. Fewer impulse buys

I find that no matter how much will power I have, I always find something that I think I “need” that’s not on my list, when I’m in a store. Is this you too? I go in with the intention of spending $20 and leave having spent $80 on who knows what.

3. Shop with coupon codes

When you shop online, you don’t have to be as prepared as when you shop in the store. What I mean is that when you go to the store, you have to have your coupons with you and plan out what you’re going to buy, in order to save money.

However, when you shop online, you can always look for coupon codes and discounts for Macy’s and other stores, to save more before you complete a purchase. This is so convenient and less stressful than hitting the stores.

4. Find your size faster

If you have a hard to find size like petite, plus, big and tall, or have wide feet, you know how difficult it is to shop in stores. You have to scan the racks carefully to find your special size or choose from a limited selection on the sales floor.

When you shop online, you just have to click on a button to search for all the items in your specific size. It’s much simpler to shop the clearance and sales this way as well and not have to dig through racks of other sizes, like you do in the store.

5. Get cash back.

On top of coupon codes and free shipping, you can get more money back through a cash back program like Ebates. When you shop online with a cash back program, you earn a percentage back in the form of a check or gift card.

What’s really great is that this is truly extra cash that you’re getting back. And you wouldn’t have gotten it if you shopped in a retail store. I’ve earned $83 since last year.

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  1. Hi: I have a question. I see that you have a link to amazon coupons. This is great and I never knew about these. But…how do I link it/use it with an amazon purchase. For example, I am interested in some of the subscribe and save deals on Scott paper towels and noticed a scott paper towel coupon? I don’t see how I choose one (the subscribe and save) and then pull in the coupon? Tried selecting the coupon first and it didn’t show when choosing the subscribe and save deal. Thanks in advance for your help.

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