Have you seen the new app Wrapp?

Perhaps a friend sent you a gift on Facebook with Wrapp and you wondered what it was.

Wrapp is a way for you to send and receive free and paid digital gifts via Facebook.

There are special promotions every week for free offers or free gift cards to featured stores.

H&M is a popular brand on Wrapp. They offer free gift cards of $6 – $10!

How it works:

1. Sign up with Wrapp.

You’ll be prompted to sign up through Facebook so you can send and receive gifts from your friends. Or if your friend invited you to join, then follow the prompts to sign up.

2. Check what promotions are available.

If your friend invited you, then you can see what gift they gave you. Claim your gift by adding it to your “wallet.” This is the folder where your Wrapp gifts are stored and you can access this at any time.

Click on Brands to see the current promotions. You’ll find discounts and free offers. If you don’t see any free offers, check again next week.

3. Download the Wrapp mobile app onto your smartphone.

This way you’ll be able to use your gift cards in the store. You can’t print the gift cards from Wrapp but you can use it via your smartphone at the retailer.

wrapp h&m

4. Redeem a gift.

When you’re ready to use your gift, for example a $6 H&M store credit, here’s what to do. Go to your Wrapp app and open up your “wallet.”

Select your gift and show the cashier.

5. Give gifts.

Some of the offers are available for sending to your friends only. Wrapp wants you to spread the word about them and give gifts to friends.

This is the perfect opportunity to give gifts to your friends for their birthdays or just for fun. Many of these gifts that you can give to your friends are absolutely free to send!

The gifts do have an expiration date of 30 days or less. If you add onto the gift by contributing an additional amount, it becomes a paid gift. And paid gifts have no expiration date in the US.

You’ll notice that when you send a gift, some of your friends aren’t listed. That means that they aren’t eligible for that offer at that time. Maybe they received that gift already from someone else.

I like to send gifts to my friends who are already using Wrapp. The chances of them redeeming the gifts are higher since they know what Wrapp is and how to use it.

To send gifts to friends who are on Wrapp, look for the Wrapp logo next to their name.

Have fun and enjoy! I like to check the Wrapp mobile app from time to time to see what offers are available.

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