When you have credit card debt, it’s tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems like you’ll never be debt free, that it’s a hopeless cause.

The truth is, anyone can get into credit card debt.

It can happen when you lose a job, experience a drop in income, divorce, etc. And sometimes it’s not even your fault.

We live in a society that is obsessed with consumerism. What should I buy next?

But honestly, the questions should be:

What do I truly need?

Can I do without it?

How can I spend the least possible amount of money but still get my needs met?

In order to get ahead and make traction towards paying off debt, you have to change some spending habits.

Here are the tips for paying off a credit card.

1. Change your mindset.

If you feel like debt is the worst thing in the world, you’ll have to change that statement. Tell yourself it isn’t the worst thing in the world, because it isn’t. You will pay it off one day by making a plan.

You won’t be able to think clearly if you’re stressed out about everything. So take a deep breath, take care of yourself, and move forward.

You can do it! know you can.

2. Stop using the credit card.

This step is the hardest and most challenging because it’s about changing an ingrained habit.But in order to make a change, you have to break this habit and switch to using cash, check, or a debit card.

It’s extremely hard, I know. And the first month is the hardest. But making this switch to using cash will mean you won’t go further into debt.

3. Cut expenses.

Everyone knows this. Cut expenses where you can. Figure out what expenses you can live without or at least cut down.

Is it the daily mocha from the coffee shop, cable TV, or deal shopping? This is another habit that is hard to break but will be worth it.

My husband and I cut down our cell phone bill by $100 and switched to Androids (we’re really iPhone people!). And we reduced our cable bill along with other expenses.

Putting together a budget binder also helped see where the money was going. Check out my budget binder tutorial.

4. Increase income or sell stuff.

The thing is, a little goes a long way. What I mean is that even an extra $50 or $100 a month can make a dent towards paying off debt.

If you have a windfall, like tax refund or a work bonus, use this to pay off your debt faster.

5. Pay more than the minimum amount.

Focus on one debt at a time. For my credit card, I paid off more than the minimum amount, using the money I earned from blogging and digital products.

The extra $50, $100, and sometimes $200 I paid towards my debt, made a dent towards eliminating it.

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