I came across this phrase while I was reading another blog, The Frugalwoods.

Frugality breeds gratitude.

And I paused and thought about how that is so true!

In my 20’s, my husband (my then boyfriend) and I were more carefree with money. We weren’t struggling with money and didn’t have financial goals.

So we went out to eat a lot… almost every meal!

And because we ate out a lot, it was the norm. Because it was the norm, we didn’t appreciate it as much. Rather, we got tired of eating at the same places.

How being frugal makes you more happy

Fast forward more than 10 years later, we’re married and we don’t eat out as often. Instead, we cook more at home because we have a family, want to eat healthy, and save money.

Now when we do eat out, I appreciate it a lot more. I even savor going to our favorite fast food burger place, In n Out.

The thing is, if we treat ourselves all the time, it will no longer be a treat but will become the norm. Things will become expected rather than enjoyed.

Last month, a sweet friend wrote me a card, congratulating me on completing my latest book, Budgeting Made Easy. And she tucked in a gift card to my favorite coffee place (not Starbucks!).

She said I could use it whenever I wanted to get away and relax. How thoughtful!

I was so surprised and floored by the kind gesture that I began to well up with tears. My daughter asked me why I was crying and I had to explain that it was because I was happy.

It’s not every day that someone acknowledges your accomplishment with a handwritten note and a special gift. It wasn’t even my birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

Being an entrepreneur is hard and it’s confusing sometimes. So to receive a note and a gift was quite validating.

If you practice frugality, you’ll appreciate little things a lot more. And you’ll need less to be happy.


2 Comments on How Being Frugal Makes You More Happy

  1. I get free stuff for my husband at the stores and also online, he is appreciative..My bil who is alone at 65 had 3 kids and an ex-wife, kids taken from him in 1979 his kids would be 41 39 and 37 respectively adopted by one family..I try to get things for him free all the time online and at the stores, he appreciates them, he lives around 100 miles driving miles and I bundle up the stuff all the time and include a book on budgeting and slip a $5.00 or $10.00 bill into the book so he can get what he wants..It only took 35 years to get his ptsd disability award after going to two governors and three senators, he finally got the award, but by then his partner of 23 years had passed from this life..He batches it but is frugal saves every penny never splurges so I get the nice stuff on big sales this includes clothing and nice men’s toiletries and even a shaver at target priced $69.99 Norelco at that for only $20.00 they price matched it got one for my hubs too, they are in heaven with those shavers..One has to watch and always save, we are semi-retired and I watch everything closely..I found a Dooney and Bourke handbag at the goodwill and snapped it up for $1.00 it still had the price tag on it of $275.00 what a deal. We make our money work for us and see no need for designer this and that unless of course it is donated brand new for $1.00! Wow must have good Karma I use it all the time and many admire it, I keep my mouth shut how I obtained it as I am always giving clothes to the poor and food and comfort at the domestic abuse place, people really should help out others God did not put us on this earth to be greedy people he did not!

    • Hi Mary Jane,

      Wow! You are so thoughtful to send stuff to your brother in law! And what a deal to get a Dooney and Burke handbag for just $1!

      Thanks for sharing the inspiration to be frugal.

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