While millions of us eat out on a regular basis, few of us are aware of the vast pool of benefits available at many restaurants in order to encourage customer loyalty, including everything from exclusive discounts to absolutely free food, and those benefits start to pile up where your birthday is concerned!

Whether you’re throwing a bash for yourself or a friend, follow these four tips to save money on a birthday party with restaurant email clubs:

1. Sign Up Early

In order to have the opportunity to take advantage of any savings and deals at all, you’ll need to sign up early for your favorite restaurant email clubs. To that end, start signing up for as many restaurant email clubs as you can right now, giving yourself the kind of choice that will help to make your birthday the best – and cheapest – that it can possibly be when the time comes.

Even if the birthday in question remains months away, there is no time like the present to begin getting plans in order, and waiting too long could present complications, so there is no time to waste!


2. Sign Up Often

With multiple memberships comes multiple freebies, each of them needing to be taken advantage of on the day of your birthday, so signing up for email clubs from a variety of restaurants presents a unique opportunity to get something of a diner-hop on the go. Whether your party theme revolves around keeping things moving, or it’s just an extra celebration tactic on an already full night, you could even pull off an entirely free birthday party with this approach!

3. Pick Your Favorites

As your big day approaches, now is the time to narrow down all of the freebies and discounts that have been showered upon you to those that rank as birthday-worthy favorites! You’ll need to strike a perfect balance between savings and preferences, making a point to choose the offers that save the most money at the places that you’d most like to enjoy a birthday meal and drink.

To this end, take the time to sift through the many offers you’ve received in order to identify those that suit your purposes best, keeping them at the ready for when the birthday in question arrives!

4. Be Prepared

One of the most crucial tips to saving money on a birthday party with restaurant email clubs is being sure that you’ve got the credentials necessary to make the club’s offerings a reality when your birthday finally arrives.

To ensure that things go smoothly, make a point to print and collect all of the coupons, vouchers, and e-club cards that you’ll be needing, and have them ready to pull out at a moment’s notice. If you plan to take your party to more than one location, this will require a bit of planning on your part.

Remember, to work hard on steps one through three, only to forget the credentials that you need to take advantage of the deals offered, means getting no deals all at, so plan accordingly!

This post was written by Anna Fox, who is passionate about health, productivity, and self-improvement.

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