As some of you may know, I have been living without TV since September of last year.

As a former TV junkie, I was surprised at how easy the transition was.

Being a mom and running this blog keeps me very busy.

Not being sucked into watching a show on TV helps with productivity and getting more things done during the day.

I wouldn’t have survived without Netflix, especially Netflix streaming! I love the convenience of being able to watch a show whenever I want, without being bombarded with commercials telling me to buy something.

And I love TV show marathons, when I did have TV. With Netflix streaming, I can watch a TV show marathon whenever I have time. Not having to wait a week for the next episode is awesome!

White Collar – This is my favorite show right now. White Collar is a about a suave, art forger and con, named Neal Caffrey, who breaks out of prison and then gets recruited by an FBI agent to help solve art cases and catch white collar criminals.

His resourceful and amusing best friend, Mozzie, helps Neal solve cases, adds a lot of color to the show as well. It’s witty, funny, charming, and riveting. I honestly can’t stop watching.

Nikita – Maggie Q stars in this TV show remake of the popular film La Femme Nikita. Nikita is a highly skilled assassin who is on a mission to bring down Division, the underground government agency who trained her.

If you’re looking for action, adventure, and intrigue, this is for you. The twists and turns in the story line will keep you guessing.

Dog the Bounty Hunter – Don’t laugh but Dog the Bounty Hunter is one of my favorite shows! Why? Because it’s set in beautiful Hawaii and I get to see glimpses of the islands I miss.

And I love watching Dog and his family interact and come up with creative ways to draw out and hunt fugitives. The show has heart though, as Dog Chapman and his family always seek to help the fugitives change their lives after they catch them.

Jericho – At first I didn’t really want to watch this, but my husband got me hooked. Jericho is a lot like 24 if you like action and extreme suspense. It focuses on a small town called Jericho and what happens when a nearby town undergoes a nuclear attack.

I was drawn in and couldn’t wait for the next episode. At the same time, it freaked me out a little. What if this really happened? The scenarios they show could really happen.

Day Break – Day Break is an intense drama, starring Taye Diggs, who plays Detective Brett Harper, a man who relives the same day over and over again. It’s the same premise as the film, Groundhog Day, but this isn’t a comedy.

With each day that he relives, he finds another clue to who is framing him for murder. And he gets closer to breaking the vicious cycle of reliving the same horrible 24 hours.

What’s your favorite Netflix show?



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2 Comments on My 5 Favorite Netflix Streaming Shows

  1. I watch “Burn Notice” while working out on my treadmill. There is more violence than I normally like, but it includes a lot of MacGuyver-like solutions to problems (which I do like). With all the action going on, my time working out flies by.

    • Hi Susan,

      I used to watch Burn Notice too! Awesome show! I love the MacGuyver like solutions as well.


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