Join me on a shopping trip to see what’s new at Dollar Tree for January! There were an obscene amount of Valentine’s Day decor!!!

When shopping for a holiday at Dollar Tree, you have to go a month ahead of time in order to find the best selection. It’s definitely a must for Valentine’s Day as a lot of the popular stuff went fast!

What really caught my eye was their brand new Fairy Garden collection. If you saw my Dollar Tree Christmas Village video, you know I’m kinda obsessed with villages!

And I am not ashamed about it. Everyone needs a vice and this is a low cost vice.

OMG, I did have to put some back because I added like 24 of these to my cart. 24 x $1.25 plus tax adds up really fast!!!

Anyway, I enjoyed filming this and watching this with my son, which might not have been a good idea… because he asked me why I put some of the Fairy Garden houses back. He wanted ALL of them! Oh boy!

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