Believe it or not there are in fact many ways to save money which you may not have even considered before.

It is important to always have a money saving mindset in order to maintain your budgets.

Here is a list of ways to make saving a part of your everyday life.

Money saving options:

1. Make use of comparison sites.

Whether it is an insurance quote or utility bill that you believe the price could be lowered, it is definitely worth seeing what rates a range of other companies are offering before you commit to any contacts or sign ups.

2. Shop wisely.

Many of us dread doing the weekly food shop. Some weeks always come in at a higher price than others.

To avoid overspending, try sticking to the supermarkets own brands. They are usually a fraction of the price than branded goods and are just as good quality.

3. Reuse resources.

Instead of throwing away ink cartridges have you ever considered refilling them? Use a specialist supplier for this service and save a huge amount of money. This will save you money as well as helping the environment.

4. Make a shopping list.

Before embracing on your food shop check your cupboards to see what is needed for the week ahead. Often you will forget what you already have at home and buy more of the same thing. This will also work well if you are trying to take up healthier eating as you will stick to your list rather than throwing in whatever takes your fancy.

5. Make money by clearing out clutter.

If you don’t have an eBay account, it’s about time that you signed up for one. Instead of chucking out your clutter, it could actually be of use to someone who would actually pay for it. This works both ways as you can search eBay for items that others have listed as they are no longer of use to them. Bargains all round!

6. Reconsider your route to work.

If there is a possibility that you could walk/jog/cycle your route or even part of it rather than using transport then you should definitely consider it. Not only will you save money, you will also be doing wonders for your health.

7. Source your own herbs.

Have you ever considered growing your own herbs or even foraging for them out in the open? This is in fact a very enjoyable pastime and you will learn a lot on the way too.

8. Use discount codes.

Before you click the commit to buy button when making a purchase it is worth searching the web for discount codes. Often you will find free delivery coupons or money off vouchers when signing up to newsletters etc. Although this may not always be on offer from the site you are buying from it is definitely a good habit to get into when making online purchases.

9. Start a penny saving pot.

Coppers may be seen as a nuisance as they can weigh down your purse/wallet. If you save all of your coppers across the course of a year you would be surprised at what you get back for them. Think of it as a few extra goodies over the festive period.

Try and take on board what you can from the above and see how much you save this year.

This post was written by Johnny Gonzales.

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