Have you always wanted a Vitamix but it was a little out of your budget? Then check out the brand new Instant Pot Blender, that’s just under $100!

In this video, I’ll show you how to use all of the buttons, what makes the Instant Pot Blender different and also make ice cream and nut milk in it!

00:24 How to Use the Instant Pot Blender
05:52 Instant Pot Blender Ice Cream
10:43 Instant Pot Blender Nut Milk
13:27 How to Clean the Instant Pot Blender
14:42 Instant Pot Blender Review

1 Comment on Instant Pot Blender Video – Make Ice Cream and Nut Milk

  1. I want to make smoothies and soups and love the idea of the Ace blender heats soup too! My only problem is that usually you get at least a few recipes or a booklet with the machine to get started. I found a few smoothie and soup recipes online but was looking for many to choose from. Do you have any suggestions?

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