I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for American Express Serve. I applied for the Serve Cash Back card to facilitate my review and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Last week, my husband, 4-year old daughter, and I flew to sunny San Diego to visit friends and watch the Blue Angels air show at Miramar air base.

I planned for my brand new, black American Express Serve Cash Back card (a prepaid debit card that earns 1% cash back on all purchases) as my go-to card for food purchases because I wanted to stay under budget without carrying too much cash, especially during a vacation.

When we arrived in San Diego, we were starving after the 90 minute flight. I know 90 minutes isn’t long but we only snacked on the plane and it was already 1pm, way past lunch time.

American Express Serve Debit Card

So we frantically searched for a place to eat in a town that I’m not totally familiar with. The first thing I could think of was In n Out, a popular California burger and fries, fast food chain which we have back home.

At In n Out, they took my prepaid debit card and swiped it with no problems.

What else did we do in San Diego? We did a tour of all of the Asian grocery stores there.

And when I say we did a tour, I mean it was a tour. San Diego has a ton of Asian grocery superstores like H-mart (Korean), Nijiya (Japanese), 99 Ranch Market (Chinese), and Zion (Korean). And all of their prices are super competitive.

Each time, I asked if they took my American Express Serve Cash Back card, the cashier gave me a nonchalant look and said,”Yes, of course!”

Cafe Moto with logo

We also visited a cute little coffee shop, in an industrial part of San Diego, Cafe Moto, where I had the best espresso mocha. It was so good that I also bought a bag of coffee beans.

I made purchases less than $5 to over $50 and each time, my American Express Serve Cash Back prepaid debit card came through.

Within a few days, I received an email, letting me know that I earned cash back and it was instantly available to use towards my next purchase. All I had to do was log into my account and redeem my cash back.

It was a simple, painless process to redeem my cash back. And on my next purchase, at a bakery, I used my cash back to get a slice of chocolate ganache cake, because I deserved it!

What I loved was that I stayed within my spending target with the American Express Serve Cash Back card because it is a prepaid debit card. I found myself keeping tabs on how much I spent and checked the balance regularly.

I also received email alerts for weekly balance info and low balance. And cash back is available immediately after earning it.

The monthly fee is $5.95 and it earns 1% cash back on all purchases. Deposit and spend $600 or more in a month to balance the rewards with the fee.

I love the idea of using a prepaid debit card as a dedicated card for groceries. What could you use this card for?

Get your American Express Serve Cash Back card here. It’s easy and no credit check is needed!

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