With Back to School being non-traditional this year, how do you prepare your kids for distance learning? Here are some great things to have, ranging from lap desks to stress relief toys.

I brainstormed with my 9 year old daughter for her feedback and put this list together. She’s the one who suggested the stress and anti-anxiety tools, which are totally necessary, right?


A lap desk makes it easier to do Zoom calls from bed! It will hold a Google Chromebook, can be a desk area for writing, and has storage space inside!

I don’t recommend using this all day for working but for short periods of time, when doing Zoom calls, reading, or writing.

Pink or Black Plastic Lap Desk

Wooden Laptop Desk

This is my wooden laptop desk, pictured in the first photo. I LOVE it and the desk tilts up to hold tablets at and angle for watching movies.


You probably have a laptop or Chromebook from school. But your kid NEEDS a wireless keyboard and mouse!

Why? Because it’s more ergonomic for them. Kids will be on their laptops for 3 – 4 hours a day or more?

A laptop is convenient in that it has a keyboard and mousepad built in, but it’s also puts your body in an unnatural position, if you’re on the computer for long periods of time. There’s a greater chance of injury if you don’t have a good desk set up.

You can place the keyboard and mouse on a keyboard tray, which makes it easier on the shoulders. And having a keyboard without a number pad makes it shorter and easier to reach the mouse.

Wireless Keyboard with No Number Pad + Mouse


HP Printer

Printer Paper


Now that kids won’t have access to school art supplies, it’s a good idea to have some at home.

Art Supply Kit

Art and Crafts Kit


The ONE thing I wished we got sooner was a large wall clock. I mean during the last school semester when my daughter was distance learning, we never knew what time it was!

Yes, there’s a time on the computer but when it’s on the wall, it’s easier to see and schedule things!

Black Wall Clock Nonticking

Atomic Wall Clock with Date and Temperature


My 9 year old daughter was super stressed out at times, transitioning to distance learning. She had to quickly learn how to type and use new computer programs.

So she suggested these stress relief toys, as something to keep her hands active when she’s having a stressful moment. Fidgeting and keeping your hands busy is actually a good thing to help release stress.

Anti-Anxiety Bundle for Kids and Adults

Stress Relief Balls

Giant Stress Ball

BunMo Pop Tubes

Sensory Fidget Toys


These pencil grips are great for younger kids, like my 4 year old son, to learn how to hold a pencil correctly. I had him try a pencil grip, but this one seems easier to use.

Pencil Grips for Kids Handwriting



With school being at home now, we need to get more organized! I find that having bins to sort things in helps a lot.

Customizable Cube Storage

Bookcase with Reading Nook

Wall Mount Shelves

Colorful Cube Baskets


Last is a desk! I want to talk about my desk set up more in detail in a future post. But this desk is similar to my IKEA Malm desk.

I love it because it has a flat table top with space for doing projects. But I also attached a keyboard tray to the bottom to make it an ergonomic computer desk.

This desk is also similar in price to my IKEA desk and has quicker delivery than IKEA.

Computer Desk with Drawers

I hope this helps you prepare your kids for this new distance learning thing. What’s your favorite item and what else should I add to this list?

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase, I will receive a small commission, which helps support this blog. Thank you for your support!


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